Winter 2018

KSM students are back from the holiday break and eager to get into this New Year 2018!  Our first week back was spent diving into new exercises and new music, and in the coming weeks we will be perusing and choosing our musical selections for the upcoming American Guild Competitions!  There will be two of them this year:  May 4-6 Spring Regional locally in Dearborn, and July 18-22 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  For details on other events click on our calendar!

The Great Slipper Caper is back for a second run!  Students are encouraged to bring their favorite novelty slippers to wear during lessons to keep feet warm and dry – and simply for a little lighthearted amusement!  We are taking pictures of slipper-adorned feet and will be voting at the end of January for our favorites!  A prize (oh, yeah!) will be awarded and it’s a good one!   

Here’s a preview of entries in so far…  Good luck to everyone – and have some good, clean, and warm winter fun!